BA(Hons) International Marketing 国际市场营销












IELTS/内测- 6.0 ,单科>5.5

















This top-up qualification gives you the chance to specialise in an international marketing programme, and sharpen your skills in successfully managing the cross-border promotion of goods and services through creativity, business awareness and cultural sensitivity.


What's covered in the course?


Whether you want to expand your knowledge of international business, or select specific modules to fit with your own career plans, this top-up course can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Expertly supported by your tutor – and throughout your course by staff with wide business experience – you can choose from modules covering such areas as: Contemporary Advertising, Digital Marketing, International Business Strategy, Selling and Sales Management and Social Marketing.

Assessment is not only through conventional examinations, but also by using innovative and practically relevant methods such as business reports, case studies, individual and group presentations, portfolios and projects.


Why Choose Us?


  • Our specialist marketing modules strengthen your knowledge in this business-critical discipline.
  • You get to explore new opportunities for global business co-operation and promotion at a university that is highly respected for the professional depth of its marketing tuition.
  • You will put yourself in the shoes of an international marketing manager and investigate customer-focused management within an international business environment.
  • Some 3,000 business students from over 80 countries bring to the University a whole world of cultural, professional and social perspectives – perfect insight for the marketer looking to tap into the interests and influences of new overseas audiences.
  • On completion of this programme, you can go on to study the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Professional Diploma. Alternatively, you may choose to study one of many professional and postgraduate programmes offered by Birmingham City Business School.





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